Series C Original Water Tanks

Manufactured from High Density Polyethylene with a wall thickness of between 4 and 6mm. White in colour, clean and fresh, these tanks come complete with an inspection cover,  vented filler cap,  one 10mm/12mm plastic feed hosetail complete with a dip pipe, one 17mm/19mm optional vent plastic hosetail and the option to fit an electric style S3 sender & water gauge.

Hatch Options

Providing additional flexibility Tek Tanks can provide a high quality hatch suitable for both the original and modular tank ranges. There are 6 different combinations of hosetails available more details can be found in C Series fittings and Accessories.

A replacement inspection hatch for the C Series original tanks can also be found in C Series fittings and Accessories. This inspection hatch could also be fitted to the Series C modular water tanks if required.

Series C Modular Water Tanks

These green rigid water tanks are ideally suited for applications that require a budget tank.

The hatch plate is sealed with a foam rubber gasket which will not take a huge amount of pressure. Tek-Tanks can however supply an upgrade hatch which is attached using 10 screws and comes with a  rubber O ring and welded fittings. You can specify either elbows or straight hosetails. This combination will work for a greater internal pressure due to a high fill point.

Series C Tank Range

Water Tanks

Series C Water Tanks are available in two ranges, the original and the modular. The original range includes all the fittings and the modular range is supplied with skin fittings loose for the customer to fit on site.

Waste Tanks

Series C Waste tanks are yellow in colour with an optional range of fittings which will cover most applications. A level indicator can be added on request.

Fuel Tanks

The Series C Fuel tanks come as standard with plastic fittings but we swap these out for brass at no extra cost. We feel that where fuel is concerned metal fittings are far better and less likely to snap off.


A range of accessories including strap kits, fillers and level indicators.
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