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Whatever your requirement, TruDesign’s approved marine composite fittings are perfect for many industries. Strong yet lightweight, no bonding issues, no corrosion or electrolysis.

Established in 1974, New Zealand’s TruDesign are an ISO 9001 company with over 40 years’ experience in injection-moulding engineering plastics, tool making, and product design.

TruDesign Ball Valve 01

Distinctly coloured handle allows easy viewing of position

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Large handle for easy operation

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BSP thread form – size is clearly marked at the end of each product

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Spanner is available for easy and damage free installation

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Valve position is marked for easily indentification

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Lockable for compliance with toilet waste outlet standards

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trudesign ball valves

TruDesign Manufactured in glass-reinforced nylon composite with high impact and tensile strength resulting in a light weight unit, no corrosion or electrolysis issues. The ball and sealing rings utilise a PTFE polymer to ensure a smooth action, and continuous ease of operation.

Low Maintenance

TruDesign ball valves are manufactured with a Teflon impregnated Ball running on Teflon rings, so no oil or grease is required. Turn the handle every few months just to keep the movement free.

Thread Sealant

Sikaflex 291i is a good adhesive sealant with no reaction with the plastic.

You can also use PTFE tape for a shorter-term solution.

Load bearing collars

TruDesign Load Bearing Collars are designed for use with TruDesign Skin Fittings and Ball Valves.

With the Collar in place, the Skin Fitting-Ball Valve-Hose Tail assembly will withstand a 500 lb (227 kg) static force applied to the Hose Tail end of the assembly, for a minimum of 30 seconds – complying with North American ABYC H-27 standards.

Trudesign Aquavalve

Flexibility at its best

Trudesign Aquavalve

Manufactured from a glass reinforced nylon compososite, the TruDesign Aquavalve combines high strength and minimal weight with 360 hose tail combinations.

Bulkhead hole diameter for Aquavalve through Bulkhead is 49mm

Attention CAD Designers

Drop TruDesign into your 3D Models. Step Files available!

TruDesign Saddle Clips

Trudesign saddle clips & Bases

Designed for tidy routing of cables, wires, and plumbing hoses. The base can either be screwed or glued to a wall or bulkhead providing a ‘mounting base’ which can be used on its own with a cable-tie for tying down cables and wires or have one of four sizes of Saddle Clips attached to it for supporting various diameters of plumbing hose.

For increased security, a cable-tie can be threaded through the Base under and around the Saddle Clip and hose then done up, locking all components together. If plumbing layouts change in the future, simply remove the hose from the Saddle Clip, then pinch the arms of the Saddle Clip together to unclip and detach it from the Base. A different size of Saddle Clip can then be clicked on to the Base to accept a different diameter of plumbing hose. Base available in 1 size supporting 4 sizes of Saddle Clips which cover a range of varying hose diameters