METS 2018 Follow Up

The Rai Exhibition Centre

We had an extremely busy couple of days visiting Mets 2018 the world’s largest marine trade exhibition. We met with all our existing marine suppliers and found a few new ones.

KUS (China)

Manufacturers of WEMA senders and gauges displayed two new NMEA2000 senders and also an analogue to NMEA2000 interface unit.

Gill Sensors & Controls

Gill Sensors demonstrating the new waste tank sensor.

It was great to see the new fit and forget waste sender from Gill.  The 7014 conductive level sensor uses solid-state technology and has no moving parts. The sensor consists of a smooth, non-stick probe which has been configured so that it can be used with existing gauges.

Gobius Pro

Gobius Pro iPad control
Gobius Pro iPad control

The new bluetooth level sensor from Gobius was impressive! Single or multiple tank senders can be interrogated right from your smart phone or tablet. A Gobius Pro is mounted on the outside of metal or plastic fluid tanks and can work alone or together with several sensors. A sensor has built-in Bluetooth communication and is compatible for Android and iOS devices plus there is an auxiliary output for perhaps an audio alarm too. The Gobius Pro works with all kinds of fluids, fresh water, fuel, oil, grey/black water and waste water.


Full range of new Planus toilets.

The complete toilet line up was on display on the Planus stand,very impressive. There was a plumbed in toilet tucked away behind the stand which demonstrated the trickle flush, the powerful vortex pump and the level of noise that came from the system, almost silent! Three new toilets have been added to the range the Stilo Plus, the Relax and the Konos more information on these toilets will be available soon.


TruDesign Logo Small

Trudesign were displaying a few new products for 2019, extended length skin fittings perfect for thicker hulls, butterfly style ball valve handles for those tight, cramped areas where the standard ball valve handle will just not work, a really neat pipe clip arrangement that will keep pipework fixed and tidy, not forgetting a re-designed Aqualarm control panel which now looks the part.

There was so much to see, lots of new tanks, pumps, plumbing and toilets. We are confident that we have some good things coming for you in 2019.