Pong-Go 38mm Holding Tank Activated Carbon Filter.


Pong-Go Carbon Filter


The Tek-Tanks Pong-Go is a Waste Holding Tank Activated Carbon Filter.

This 38mm Activated Carbon Filter meets the requirements for ISO 8099:2000.

The inlet and outlet are positioned underneath the body and will accept 38mm (1 1/2″) sanitation hose. Either port can be used for inlet or outlet. The Pongo should be installed as high as possible from the holding tank so as to minimise the possibility of coming in contact with any liquid contents.

This unit can be bulkhead mounted either vertically or horizontally when used with the supplied mounting bracket. Access to the screw lid will be required to change the element and enough space allowed to actually remove and replace the element without having to remove the whole unit.

The Pong-Go is supplied with one Activated Carbon element. The replacement of the filter will depend on how often the tank is used and the ambient temperature. Hot weather will reduce the life of the element. Replacement elements can be found here.

It is important that the carbon filter remains dry at all times.

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