No Clog, no filter waste pump for un-macerated toilet waste. 38mm (1 1/2″) ports.



    Gulper Toilet Waste Pump


    Since 1995, Whale Gulper led the way in non-clog pumps. All Gulpers incoroprate a series of valves through which the waste passes. No filters to clog, and no risk of motor burn out, just reliable performance when you really need it.

    The Gulper Toilet Pump is designed to manage unmacerated toilet waste, and is ideal for holding tanks and vacuum systems.

    • Pumps unmacerated toilet waste
    • Runs dry without damage
    • Up to 18 ltrs (4.75 US gal) per minute
    • Virtually unblockable
    • Rotatable inlet and outlet- allows you to install in awkward locations
    • Self priming up to 3 m (9.8 ft)-mount the pump  in the  most convenient part of boat
    • Pumps a mixture of air and waste
    • Easy to maintain
    • Large single diaphragm

    Servicing the Gulper Toilet Waste Pump video.

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    Weight5 kg

    12 Volts, 24Volts

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