Toilet Pump inlet strainer protects pump from unwanted debris. Easy Clean.

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A strainer helps to keep out particles of rust, paint, joint sealants, fibres and other solid matter that can find their way into your boat’s fresh water system and cause wear and damage in the pump.  An efficient strainer requires a fine-mesh element to trap small particles, and ample surface area to allow the free passage of water with little resistance to flow.  The strainer should be inspected at intervals and cleaned when necessary.

  • Connections: 19mm (3/4″) ID hose
  • Dimensions: 120mm long, 70mm wide, 60mm high
  • Prevents unnecessary pump breakdowns caused by particles in the water.
  • Transparent housing allows instant inspection.
  • Screw off top allows quick in-place cleaning and removal of debris.
  • Packaged Dimensions: L:24.00 x H:16.00 x W:17.00cm

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