Series C Fuel Tank Sender, Gauge and Fitting Flange Kits suitable for all Series C Fuel Tanks



Serial C Fuel Tank Sender Kits suitable for all models. The kit includes the correct length sender for the tank/s you have chosen, a fuel gauge and a sender fitting flange.
These kits can be purchased for self fitting or just add the Fitting Charge option to your basket and Tek Tanks will fit this for you.

You can select the Sender Kit you require from the following list:

S3-175 mm Kit will fit these tanks:
TT5653 (28 L), TT5654 (35 L), TT-5655 (41 L), TT5656 (48 L), TT-5657 (54 L), TT-5658 (61 L), TT-5659 (67 L)

S3-200 mm Kit will fit these tanks:
TT-5637 (33 L), TT-5638 (43 L), TT-5639 (53 L)

S3-275 mm Kit will fit these tanks:
TT-5634 (42 L), TT-5635 (55 L), TT-5636 (70 L), TT-5640 (40 L), TT-5641 (50 L), TT-5642 (65 L), TT-5645 (62 L), TT-5646 (91 L)
TT-5647 (70 L), TT-5648 (84 L), TT-5649 (96 L), TT-5660 (43 L), TT-5661 (53 L), TT-5662 (63 L), TT-5663 (73 L), TT-5664 (83 L)
TT-5665 (93 L), TT-5666 (103 L)

S3-350 mm Kit will fit these tanks:
TT-5650 (102 L), TT-5651 (120 L), TT-5652 (140 L)

S3-400 mm Kit will fit these tanks:
TT-5643 (62 L), TT-5644 (91 L)

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