Westerly Griffon Mk1 Diesel Tank made from 10mm Natural High Density Polyethylene.



Westerly Griffon Mk1 Diesel Tank made from 10mm Natural High Density Polyethylene

Overall dimensions without fittings:

Length: 425mm
Width: 540mm
Height: 305mm


1 x 1 1/2″ BSP  Brass Straight Hosetail
1 x 19-13mm Reducer
1 x 10mm Brass Elbow Hosetail
1 x Dip Pipe
1 x 1/2″ BSP Brass Elbow
1 x Low Profile Nuts and Bolts Hatch
2 x Flanges undrilled

Capacity: 53 Litres

Position in boat: Behind Engine on Centre Line

Drawings are available at a cost of £75.00 VAT This cost is totally refundable if an order is placed for this tank. Please call for more information.

This tank is subject to a lead time for manufacture please call for more information.

To comply with the ISO 21487: 2012 CE marking standard, plastic diesel fuel tanks must be separated from the engine compartment with a suitable bulkhead so as to isolate it from the engine.

Please note: This tank was made to a customer’s design for their individual boat. Please check dimensions are correct for your own application.


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Weight30 kg

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