By “Popular demand” We now sell TOILETS.

It seems like the obvious thing to do; after all we make the tanks, fit the fittings and supply most of the related components. We have therefore selected a number of good quality marine toilets to add to our product range.

Jabsco Manual ToiletIn the “manual”, hand-pump range we offer the ever popular, easy to fit, Jabsco. This well proven toilet is fitted to thousands of boats world wide and is a great entry level product. It is easy to maintain and service and parts are available almost everywhere. This toilet can also be upgraded to operate electrically by simply exchanging the pump unit.


Sanimarin 31 Front In the “push button electric macerator” range we have selected the Sanimarin 31 (probably the smallest electric marine toilet available) and the larger (similar to a typical domestic toilet) Sanimarin 35. Both of these products operate electrically and are flushed by simply pushing a button on a separate control panel. An adjustable programme allows the amount of flushing water to be controlled, optimising the quantity going into the holding tank at each use. The powerful, built-in electric macerator is quiet, but sturdy. The flush control panel can also include a “tank full” warning.

Toilets01-640 As our third range we have selected two Sealand “vacuum” toilets. Vacuum toilets use minimal amounts of water. These are also good for holding tank systems, extending the period between pump outs, and have the advantage that the toilet can be situated a considerable distance from the black water tank since the powerful vacuum system transports the waste from the toilet to the tank and does not rely on either gravity, hand pumping or relatively small electric motors. We supply the 4800 with wall mounted flush control and the 5000 which is foot pedal operated.

Boat toilets have come a long way in recent years and the systems we have chosen will enable owners to enjoy all of the convenience, comfort and style of their home bathroom while on board!

Tek-Tanks have always taken pride in working with and supplying the very best quality products and equipment, which is why we have chosen these particular toilet systems.

As more marinas, estuaries and worldwide sailing areas legislate for the compulsory use of holding tanks we believe that this new service will mean that we can help you to select the optimum “system” to meet your  requirements.

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