Tek Tanks EZI Seals can be fitted from the outside of the tank in seconds providing various BSP male threads for attaching hosetails, ball valves and many more types of plumbing equipment.




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EZI Seals are a range of fittings for plastic and metal tanks. EZI Seal fittings are designed to be used in a wide variety of applications including: agriculture, automotive, marine, welfare, garden and many more.
The EZI Seal fitting can be installed through the tank wall directly from the outside of the tank, and do not require welding or the use of any sealants.
EZI Seals will withstand a pressure of up to 4 bar on a flat surface or with a minimum internal radius of 500mm.


  • Can be installed quickly from the outside of the tank
  • No welding or sealants required
  • Will withstand a pressure of 4 bar
  • Can be used on cylindrical tanks (minimum internal radius of 500mm)
  • Maintenance free
  • Reliable and long lasting

Tek Tanks only stock EZI Seals that are suitable for drinking water and waste water. EZI Seals are however available to suit oils, diesel and petrol if required. Please ask for more details.

A range of Straight Hosetails to suit the EZI seals are available here.
A range of Elbow Hosetails to suit the EZI Seals are available here.
A range of Dip Pipe and EZI Seal assemblies can be found here.

Download the Data Sheet to check that the EZI seal will be suitable for your tank. The wall thickness maybe too thin or too thick.

A range of hole saws and arbors are available here.

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3/4" BSP, 1" BSP, 1 1/2" BSP, 2" BSP

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