A range of male and female pushfit connectors for Series A and Custom Built water tanks.
Available in the 3 most common sizes, 15mm, 22mm and 28mm.

The connectors are screwed into a female threaded HDPE socket. The socket is welded to the tank by Tek Tanks using an advanced fusion welding process.

The price includes marking out, drilling the hole, welding the threaded socket and the pressure testing of the whole fitted assembly.

The threaded socket is not removable once welded to the tank and stands 10mm above the tank top. Please allow for this measurement when considering how to get the tank in and out of position.

Dip pipes for drawing off the contents with a pump can be fitted to any of these assemblies. Please see the Dip Pipe products for more information on lengths and available diameters and materials.

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15mm, 22mm, 28mm


Male, Female

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