TruDesign Y Pieces are moulded from a glass reinforced nylon composite. High strength, high-modulus glass fibres impregnated into the nylon provides dramatic strength, stiffness, toughness, and dimensional stability.

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TruDesign Y Pieces


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  • Manufactured from a glass reinforced nylon composite – High strength and light weight
  • Immune to corrosion and electrolysis – Long life with no concerns over decreased performance due to corrosion
  • Chemical resistant – Impervious to diesel, petrol and antifouling paints
  • UV resistant – These fittings will not break down with ultraviolet light or discolour from the sun
  • Large operating temperature range – Suitable for all marine environments, from -20°C to +110°C
  • Long tail feature – The use of 2 hose clamps is recommended for secure hose fitting
  • Smooth flow – Less blockages and buildup

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  • Can I run Petrol or Diesel through TruDesign fittings ?
    YES and NO. TruDesign fittings (in both black and white) are suitable for contact with petrol & diesel fuels. NOTE: TruDesign Ball Valves and Aquavalves should not be used in direct contact with petrol or diesel as the nitrile o-rings may swell affecting their sealing and handle-turning performance.

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25mm (1"), 38mm (1 1/2")

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