Suitable For Black Toilet Waste Water

An excellent range of sensibly priced, rigid waste water holding tanks. Moulded in Italy with a thicker wall than the equivalent water tanks to combat odour problems. Easily cleaned through the inspection hatch. These tanks are CE approved and comply with the ISO 8099 standard. Tek Tanks are able to add a level indicator, please phone for more information. Available in 14 different sizes – please find the size chart below.

Series C Waste Tank Connection Kits

Option 1: 1 x 1” Straight + 2 x 1 ½” Straight Hosetails
Option 2: 1 x 1” Elbow + 2 x 1 ½” Elbow Hosetails
Option 3: 1 x 1” Elbow + 1 x 1 ½” Elbow + 1 ½” Straight Hosetail
Option 4: 1 x 1” Straight + 1 ½” Elbow + 1 x 1 ½” Straight Hosetail
Option 5: 1 x 1” Straight + 2 x 1 ½” Elbow Hosetails
Option 6: 1 x 1” Elbow + 2 x 1 ½” Straight Hosetails

TT-4307 Series C Waste Tank
Capacity (litres)Product CodeLWH 
28TT-4300450390200Buy Now
35TT-4301550390200Buy Now
41TT-4302650390200Buy Now
43TT-4307450390290Buy Now
48TT-4303750390200Buy Now
53TT-4308550390290Buy Now
54TT-4304850390200Buy Now
61TT-4305950390200Buy Now
63TT-4309650390290Buy Now
67TT-43061050390290Buy Now
73TT-4310750390290Buy Now
83TT-4311850390290Buy Now
93TT-4312950390290Buy Now
103TT-43131050390290Buy Now

Series C Tank Range

Water Tanks

Series C Water Tanks are available in two ranges, the original and the modular. The original range includes all the fittings and the modular range is supplied with skin fittings loose for the customer to fit on site.

Waste Tanks

Series C Waste tanks are yellow in colour with an optional range of fittings which will cover most applications. A level indicator can be added on request.

Fuel Tanks

The Series C Fuel tanks come as standard with plastic fittings but we swap these out for brass at no extra cost. We feel that where fuel is concerned metal fittings are far better and less likely to snap off.


A range of accessories including strap kits, fillers and level indicators.