Series C Fuel Tank feed options.



A range of brass feed fittings suitable for fitting to Series C Fuel Tanks should the standard sizes not be suitable.
Choose a hosetail for flexible rubber hose or a compression fitting for copper feed pipes.

Both metric and imperial sizes are available for copper pipe.
The standard feeds supplied on the tanks are 8mm plastic hosetails for flexible hose. These alternative fittings are made from brass.

These fittings can be purchased for self fitting or just add the Fitting Charge option to your basket and Tek Tanks will fit this for you.

Remember that flexible pipe is measured from the inside diameter (bore) and copper pipe is measured from the outside (OD).
Be careful when measuring copper pipe. The difference between metric and imperial is very small and does make a difference.
Metric 6mm is not the same as 1/4″. 1/4″ converted to metric is 6.35mm and will NOT fit a 6mm compression fitting.
A micrometer or vernier calipers are usually required to measure copper pipe accurately.


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6mm Hosetail, 8mm Hosetail, 10mm Hosetail, 6mm Compression, 8mm Compression, 10mm Compression, 1/4" Compression, 5/16" Compression, 3/8" Compression, Fitting Charge

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