Sikaflex 291i (300ml) cartridge for bonding and sealing TruDesign Skin Fittings and Ball Valves.



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Sikaflex 291i. The Marine Sealant & Adhesive
With a slight change to the curing system (The icure system) Sikaflex 291 – Marine Grade Sealant is renamed Sika 291i.
Sikaflex 291i is one of the market leading Sealants & Adhesives for use in the Marine Industry, and boat building, perfect for a wide number of applications.

Applications for Sikaflex 291i 300ml- Marine Sealant:

  • Sealing and bonding TruDesign Skin Fittings and Ball Valves and Seacock Kits
  • Bedding of Deck Hardware
  • Sealing & Bonding Above and Below the Water Line.
  • Can be used as a general sealant
  • Sealing plumbing and sanitary equipment sealing joints including keel/hull, stern shaft tube, bonding deck to hull.

Advantages & Benefits of Sikaflex 291i 300ml Marine Sealant:

  • Use above and Below the Water Line
  • Resists Salt Water
  • Fast Strength Build up
  • Stable
  • Paintable
  • Sandable
  • Excellent Bond Strength
  • May be squeezed or brushed into place

Cartridge applicator gun is required. This is similar to any silicone sealant or painters mate gun available from most DIY stores.

This is a PU based marine sealant. Perfect for use in a wide number of marine applications.

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