For your convenience we have included here some useful files to help make your product selection a little easier. These downloads are available as Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf). If for any reason you are unable to find what you are looking for then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

File Name Type Size
Tek-Tanks Catalogue PDF 11.53MB
Tek-Tanks Price List (September 2016) PDF 44KB
Tank Design & Fitting
Custom Tanks Design Guide PDF 3.93MB
Tek-Tanks Standard Fittings PDF 683KB
Series A Tank Drawing Mark Up Example PDF 321KB
Tank Volumes XLS 23KB
Quotation Request Form PDF 264KB
Polytank Loft Tank Installation Guide PDF 1.74MB
Marine Sanitation Layouts PDF 750KB
Marine Sanitation Holding Tank Layouts – For Tanks ABOVE Waterline PDF 2.35MB
Marine Sanitation Holding Tank Layouts – For Tanks BELOW Waterline PDF 1.78MB
Series A Rectangular Tanks PDF 141.6KB
Series A Baffled and Shaped Tanks PDF 119KB
Series C Fuel Tanks PDF 596KB
Series C Waste Tanks PDF 105KB
Series C Water Tanks PDF 534KB
Lightweight Racing Tanks PDF 72KB
Analogue Gauges PDF 44.4KB
Digital Gauges PDF 30.4KB
Fuel Tank Senders PDF 76.1KB
Waste Tank Senders PDF 501KB
Water Tank Senders PDF 684KB
Profile and Solo Senders PDF 279KB
Series A Rectangular Tank Details
20-15-42 PDF 616KB
60-24-24 PDF 529KB
40-40-40 PDF 411KB
50-30-25 PDF 554KB
60-38-38 PDF 662KB
60-40-25 PDF 526KB
76-51-31 PDF 507KB
83-35-24 PDF 650KB
85-40-32 PDF 599KB
83-71-24 PDF 512KB
83-71-24B PDF 502KB
85-40-42 PDF 557KB
102-41-51 PDF 406KB
113-34-43 PDF 207 KB
127-41-41 PDF 422KB
150-61-41 PDF 408KB
175-50-25 PDF 399KB
175-50-35 PDF 404KB
Series A Shaped Tanks Details
127-76-75 PDF 463KB
TANK0001 PDF 400KB
TANK0004 PDF 385KB
TANK0026 PDF 397KB
TANK0053 PDF 422KB
TANK0054 PDF 427KB
TANK0080 PDF 420KB
TANK0081 PDF 519KB
Series A Baffled Tank Details
110-33-83 (250 litres) PDF 448KB
152-89-25 (270 litres) PDF 446KB
99-75-52 (350 litres) PDF 432KB
212-89-25 (380 litres) PDF 442KB
125-36-110 (400 litres) PDF 509KB
100-92-62 (500 litres) PDF 436KB
125-58-101 (650 litres) PDF 479KB
159-124-59 (1000 litres) PDF 571KB
195 -125 – 62 (1250 litres)  PDF  353KB
Senders & Gauges
Legacy 8 Tank Digital Monitoring Installation & Instruction Guide PDF 5.6MB
Solo Single Tank Digital Monitoring Installation and Instruction Guide PDF 5.6MB
Invasive Rod Sender Installation Guide PDF 5.48MB
Non-Invasive Self adhesive Sender Installation Guide PDF 2.61MB
Wema Installation Wiring Guide PDF 15KB
Wema Gauge Installation Instruction PDF 585KB
BEP Ultrasonic Level Indicator Instruction Manual PDF 513KB
Tank Minder Installation Guide PDF 552KB
Gobius 4 for Water & Fuel Tanks Installation Guide PDF 590KB
Gobius 4 for Waste Holding Tanks Installation Guide PDF 3566KB
Vertical Spiral Gauge PDF 642KB
Pump Instruction Manuals
Jabsco Waste Amazon Universal PDF 4667KB
Jabsco Waste Diaphragm PDF 1651KB
Jabsco Waste Self Priming Macerator PDF 2558KB
Whale Sanitation Pump Mk5 PDF 1501KB
Jabsco Water Par-Max 1 Plus PDF 124KB
Jabsco Water Par Max 1.9 and 2.9 PDF 1048KB
Jabsco Water Par max 3.5 PDF 281KB
Jabsco Water Par max 4.0 PDF 280KB
Viking Power 16-Johnson Pump PDF 248KB
Whale Freshwater Pressure IC Pump PDF 1780KB
Gulper 220 Grey Waste Pump PDF 1502KB
Gulper 320 Waste Pump PDF 1441KB
Gulper Toilet Pump PDF 1036KB
Jabsco Deluxe Flush Electric Macerator Toilet PDF 785KB
HeadMaster Electric Macerator Toilet PDF 396KB
Sani Marin SN 31 Comfort Electric Macerator Toilet PDF 469KB
Sani Marin SN 35 Electric Macerator Toilet PDF 527KB
Jabsco Manual Toilet-Regular Bowl PDF 609KB
Jabsco Manual Toilet-Compact Bowl PDF 609KB
Sealand Vacuflush 4800 PDF 113KB
Sealand Vacuflush 5000 PDF 322KB
Sealand Vacuum Generator PDF 324KB
Terms & Conditions
Tek-Tanks TCs of Supply – Issue 3 PDF 140KB
 Privacy Notice (Customers) – 1 Jun 2018  PDF  292 KB
Microvent Information and Installation Guide PDF 182KB
Marine Fridge Freezers PDF 471KB
Vented Loops PDF 1091KB
Sweettank PDF 209KB
SeaSmart PDF 1408KB
 Oven Tank Master  PDF  56MB
Product Return Form PDF 13KB